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Bible............................ Relevant? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pastor Garner   
Friday, 07 October 2011 11:04

Can the Bible speak to us in these modern days? Are there absolutes? Is there such a thing as right or wrong? The culture seems to say that the Bible can't be depended upon when making decisions in our daily lives. Some might say, No one can know for sure what the Bible means. This is an important subject; after all eternity is a very long time to spend the moment we die. So, lets go to the source- shall we....

2  Tim 3: 16         John 8:32         Psalm 19:8     Psalm 119: 105   Proverbs 22:21  Isaiah  29:24  Luke 1: 1-4  2 Peter 1:12

2 Peter 1:19    1 John 2:21      1 John 4:6    2 John 1




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Jesus...............Perfect? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pastor Garner   
Wednesday, 05 October 2011 09:16

I watched a show the other night talking about Jerusalem. I agree, Jerusalem, being the home or birthplace of religion. Jesus, fulfilling the prophets words was born there. The show actually makes Jesus out to be a prophet. And yes that is true; but it doesn't stop there. Jesus is Prophet, Priest, and King. Actually to be more specific He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. And, you guessed it, every knee shall bow and tongue confess this to the glory of the Father in heaven. Philippians 2: 8-11

So what separates Jesus from all the others in history? His perfection. And to be perfect He has to be God.

John 1:1

Move your cursor over the verses and decide for yourselves.

2 Corinthians 5:21  Hebrews 4:15    1 John 3:5  Hebrews 7:26    1 Peter 2:22    Isaiah 53:9


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Are You Sure of Your Salvation? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pastor Garner   
Tuesday, 27 September 2011 14:02

Recently someone said they heard James Merritt preach on salvation and he used the following verses:

Matthew 7:15   John 10: 27  John 10:14  Matthew 7:23  John 10:27  1 John 2:19   John 10:28   John 3:36   Hebrews 10:14

John 10: 28   John 10: 29    John 6:37

How do you measure up? Only Christ can be our measuring stick. And by that I mean, we cannot ever merit or earn salvation. Only the work of Christ on the Cross can save us. As Ephesians 2: 8-10 declares- God saves us through His marvelous grace and our faith. Hallelujah.



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TNIV & The New NIV dated 2011 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pastor Garner   
Friday, 26 August 2011 11:16

In the following article- The SBC affirmed the "great benefit" of the NIV 1984 version.  The SBC voted against the support of the TNIV or the coming NIV dated 2011.   I hope you will read the following article, by James Smith, and remember           2 Tim 3:16.




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A Wrinkle Free Relationship PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pastor Garner   
Wednesday, 17 August 2011 12:51

Last Sunday I preached a sermon about wrinkles. Matt 6: 25-34 Worrying can certainly cause some big problems for Christians. In fact, Jesus tells us to stop worrying and don't start again. The following is a poster I saw somewhere-

"Remember Today Is the Tomorrow you Worried about Yesterday". Have a blessed day; and don't worry.



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