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Written by Pastor Garner   
Saturday, 10 April 2010 20:17

It is said by those who track such things that to win a person to Christ in our post-modern world it will most likely be through relationships. Usually the one to one variety is the preference. The one to one arrangement allows the lost person to discover that you are genuine in your faith. Through your dependence on Christ in your daily journey your friend gets to see and experience the nuts and bolts of Christianity.

In a world that is “fast forward” and mostly surface level, your relationship with our Lord becomes the classroom for the lost. Don't be afraid to live and by all means share your faith.

A part of the process is being yourself as you seek the glory of the Lord on a daily basis. The uniqueness of your life will speak volumes about the Lord reaching into all corners of the globe with His love and grace.

Thankfully, we do the asking and God does the saving through Christ. We saw a family of three attend our Church last Sunday. This came after several brief conversations with the parent over the last month. What were the ingredients we used 1) kindness, 2) care, and 3) time.  The time factor was approximately 3-4 minutes on different occasions. What a great opportunity God gave to us.

Will you take the time to care and through kindness invite them to Church? The Church is so important to our Lord.

Matt 16:13-20

Did you notice the most important part of the listed passage?


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