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Written by Pastor Garner   
Friday, 30 April 2010 13:39


You’re Invited to a Study of Colossians

I encourage you to join us for the current

Bible Study on Wednesday nights at 6 pm.

We have just started looking into the

Letter to the Colossians.

Although the letter was written 2000 years ago, it is certainly up-to-date. By that I mean, it speaks to our day as well. This letter speaks of God’s involvement with creation, the move to unite world religions, and social and political issues. In all of this, we will discover God’s perspective.

Has a friend ever said to you,

“Can Christ really change lives?”

“Can He give you peace, joy, and happiness?”

“Does knowing him provide meaning, hope and a purpose for life?”

Colossians will answer those questions.

This letter will teach us how to improve our relationships with others:  in marriage, parenting, friendships, and work.

I invite you to join us.

Colossians 1:1-4:18



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