Knowing God's Will Print
Written by Pastor Garner   
Wednesday, 26 May 2010 12:53

Does God want us to know His will?  He wants us to know Him, and see Him: in scripture, in nature, and in the acts of fellow saints. The more time we spend in His Word, the more we will have an understanding of Him and His grace. That is what we're learning in our study of Colossians on Wednesday nights.

We prayed over our meal today in a restaurant and finished the prayer with the words, "In Jesus name." A man at the next table commented, "I'm always glad to hear someone pray in Jesus' name." Our act of thankfulness to God opened a door to fellowship with another believer during the rest of the meal.

Darla commented what a happy person.  It's OK to be happy. We have a ton of things to be happy about. Washington cannot be happy or make others happy until they turn to Christ.

There's a saying, "Don't Worry Be Happy".  Let's change that to...........Pray Often, Trust Jesus, and Be Happy.

Acts 22: 14