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Written by Pastor Garner   
Tuesday, 24 May 2011 14:24

Paul gives us many examples of striving to make the correct choices each day for the Lord. I often encourage the saints to live a transparent life for the Lord. The down side of that urging is to tell someone when we "blow it" in our walk. That means to go back and apologize and explain that "we're not perfect" and each day we face both opportunities and challenges. This is not a "cop-out" or a throttling back of the desire to do the right or correct thing in every situation. People need to know, or hear from us, that Jesus does save and we do have new priorities at the point of saving; but the reality is for some reason, un-known to us, we keep our unsaved flesh as a part of our being until Christ calls us home. Not only does the saved part of us groan for the presence of Jesus but nature itself groans as well. Why make the distinction of having two natures within us? Because too many people see the unsaved portion of us and say no thanks to salvation. I have said on more than one occasion, when we belong to Christ and do something that doesn't bring glory to God, the Holy Spirit will lovingly make us miserable.

For the saint who walks with Jesus, how does he or she handle bad things in their lives? Let me point you to a verse that will help all of us get through the day and into the presence of Jesus at the appointed time.

Romans 8:28



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